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Getting the App

Choice Art is a mobile app available now for iOS and Android devices.

Download links can be found on our homepage at

Main Concepts

Choice is all about seeing the best art from creators around the world, from the classics to the latest/hottest work. We have a wide variety of styles and artists represented and new pieces are constantly being added.

As you're exploring, don't worry about whether you "understand" a piece, and definitely don't feel like you have to like what you see. Exploring art is a personal journey, and we all have our own tastes and preferences. Choice wants to celebrate those differences and help everyone find something that speaks to them!

With that said, we'll jump right in...

Swipe Exploration

The best way to deepen your connection with art is to see a lot of it, so our "swipe" mechanic lets you flip through artwork quickly, while giving you the control to stop and spend more time with a specific piece if you want to.

Screen_Shot_2021-04-23_at_6.50.36_PM.png The Choice Art app starts off by generating a "stack" of art cards, with an emphasis on showing you a broad variety of artwork.

Swipe right if you like what you see, or swipe left if you don't. Over time the stack will start to adjust to your preferences, although we'll always be sure to show you things that push you out of your aesthetic "comfort zone". This is because that's the best way to expand your horizons!


To see the full piece and zoom in on the details, you can tap once on the card. If you want to save artwork to view it again later, you can swipe down to save it to your private collection.


If you want to learn more about artwork, swipe up to view information like the title and the biography of the artist who created it. You'll also be able to see other art from the artist, view similar pieces on Choice, or leave a "thought" (it's our version of a comment).

Earning (and spending) Choices

After every 20 swipes you'll earn a "choice", which can be redeemed to promote your favorite art to similar users or to submit new artwork to the platform. As you're swiping in the stack, if you see something that you think others should see, you can double-tap it to apply one of your choices to it. This will push the content into the stacks of users who share your tastes.


Earning Signal

If the other users who saw your "choice" swipe right, you'll earn points called "signal".


These points aren't just for show, however. Signal is a rough measure of your influence on Choice and we use it to determine how many other users will see each of your subsequent choices. So by making good "choices" that your audience likes, you'll automatically grow your audience for the next "choice"!

The "Stack"

Once you create your account and get through the swiping tutorial, you'll be dropped into the "Stack", which is the primary way to discover new art in Choice. We've labeled the primary sections of the Stack using yellow numbers, and describe each below:

  1. This is your profile picture. Tapping this will open the "drawer" navigation, from which you can access your profile, saved content, settings and support, as well as submit new artwork to the platform.
  2. Tap this to open our chat feature, which lets you chat 1-on-1 or with a group of other Choice users. You can send artwork back and forth here too.
  3. This is your "choice meter". After every 20 swipes you will earn 1 choice, which you can use to either promote your favorite art or upload new artwork. The meter fills up with every swipe, and the number in the center indicates how many "choices" you have to spend.
  4. The asterisk icon with a number beside it indicates how many choices have been applied to the current art piece. A content's "choice count" is a general indicator of how popular it is on the platform, since every "choice" promotes the content to other users.
    • Tip: Rather than double-tapping content to choice it, a faster way to do so is to tap the choice indicator in the top right corner of the card (right where the #4 is below)
    • File__4_.jpg
  5. This is the artist attribution for the piece. Tap on either the artists avatar or their name to navigate to their artist profile, where you can learn more about them and see their full catalog of work.
  6. Tapping this "eye" will open our "reflections" feature, which encourages you to record how artwork impacted you. You can record a desire, curiosity, memory, discovery, or emotion, and also see messages left by others in the community.
  7. This is the tab you press to return to your stack. When in doubt, you can always come back here and swipe!
  8. This is the "Artists" tab, where you can see the latest, rising, and recommended artists on Choice.
  9. This is the "Artwork" tab, where you can see the latest and rising artwork on Choice.
  10. This is the "Signal" tab, where you can view all your top choices and see how you earned all your signal. From here, you can also claim rewards and view our user leaderboards.

Swiping Key

At any time, if you forget the main interactions on the "stack", you can shake your phone to bring up a key for the various types of swipes. From this screen you can also go back one card in the stack (for example if you accidentally swiped a way you didn't mean).



That's all the basics!

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please just get in touch at We look forward to helping you get the most out of Choice!

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