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Community & Content Guidelines

Choice recognizes how immensely different the experiences, perspectives, and tastes of our Internet neighbors can be. Rather than forming gated Internet communities that draw lines and drive division, Choice wants to celebrate our differences in a respectful way. To that end, we've developed some ground rules to keep Choice a welcoming community where everyone can hopefully find something for themselves.

Community Guidelines

Contribute to our collective knowledge

Choice is defined by the contributions of our community. Please share your knowledge with others by crediting artists and locations that you recognize, or by leaving a thought on content that you have a meaningful connection to.

Respect others’ tastes and sensibilities

Choice is all about helping you explore your tastes, so we hope you’ll make it a space where others can explore their own tastes too. If you don’t like something, that’s OK; feel free to swipe left and move on.
If you see something that another user might appreciate being censored, help us by reporting the content so we can add the relevant filters.

Act naturally

Choice works best when you swipe right on things you like and left on things you don’t. Your swipes and choices are not publicly viewable, so don’t worry about judgement based on your tastes.

Don't try to game the system

Choice has systems in place to prevent reposts. If you try to upload something that is already identified in the network, engage with that content rather than trying to get past our filters.
Acting in ways that help the community will earn you “signal”, which increases your influence in the network. Don’t try to use the app in unintended ways to try to farm signal.

Be good to each other

Don't encourage hatred or harm. Respect others’ opinions and tastes. Don't harass or spam. Also, don’t pretend to be someone else.

Follow the law

While you use Choice, you’re still subject to the laws of whatever jurisdiction in which you reside. Avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited behavior or transactions.

Content Rules

Rule 1
Respect others’ privacy. Don't reveal someone's personal or confidential information. Don't post or threaten to post intimate or sexually-explicit media of someone without their consent.
Rule 2
Don’t encourage hatred, harm, or harassment. Content and thoughts should not condone hateful or harmful behavior. Criticism, satire, and parody are acceptable.
Rule 3
Don’t post sexual or suggestive content involving minors. There shouldn’t be any need for clarification here.
Rule 4
Don’t spread misinformation. Unverified claims – especially those serving an agenda – are definitively not Choice-worthy. Personal anecdotes are generally acceptable, but must also abide by the other rules.
Rule 5
Don’t post excessively lurid images. Specific examples include depictions of people or animals being maimed, executed, raped, or murdered. Shock value does not equal artistic value.

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